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Our Mission

Sogno Toscano is a family run company which has been doing business by following two solid and simple principles: Quality and Service.

These 2 words stand as pillars of the family philosophy. We always deliver the finest quality Italian cooking ingredients with the best service possible. We strive to improve our services day by day offering a wide range of outstanding cosmetics and Italian cooking ingredients that fit the needs of our high end clientele.

Sogno Toscano owns a farm in Bolgheri Italy, a small village located in the heart of northern Tuscany, where we produce some of our fresh products. Bolgheri is also the hometown of world class wines like Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Guado al Tasso and many others.

After an extensive research on the field, our attention to quality and detail has led us to select some other fine products coming from only Italian producers, so we expanded our offer ensuring the best quality products.

We started producing olive oil back in 1923 with a limited use for friends and family. In 2007 we started our business and shortly after we became positively impressed by the reaction of our first American clients. Among those were highly rated chefs of America’s top culinary cities who encouraged us to keep them supplied with our Italian cooking ingredients that have unparalleled quality and that are very hard to find in the United States.

In 2015, we present a selection of over 70 items including our locally grown olive oils as well as olive oil blends packed in the United States, San Marzano canned tomatoes, Sicilian caper berries, Tuscan olives, all the way to a full cosmetic line in Scottsdale made with our organic farm olive oil.

We’re glad to offer excellent Italian products that represent the very best of our country’s contribution to the food industry. Moreover, we collaborate with some American service suppliers, delivering the most effective and consistent customer service always at fair prices.

We encourage and invite people to come to our farm in Bolgheri and witness the reason why we named the company SOGNO TOSCANO TUSCAN DREAM, since sometimes words can’t really describe all the beauty that the eyes can capture.

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