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So we’re trudging along in the corporate world working towards someone else’s dream at a pace that was not going to get us working on a dream of our own. While visiting with family over some good food and wine, we started talking about the food truck craze that seemed to be going on, and this brought on the conversation of what type of food would we put on a food truck….and the concept began.

Chief Griller: Lance Smith and his Sous-griller, Beth Smith.

Married for over 37 years and still going strong.

GET ADDICTED!Seasonal Grilled Artichokes

“The distinction between what is considered a food (something that your body wants or needs in order to function optimally) or a drug (something that your brain wants or needs in order to function optimally) is becoming increasingly difficult to define. Thus from your brain’s perspective, food is a drug”… Prof. Gary Werk, Author of “Your Brain on Food”

Grilled Addiction satisfies each of those wants and needs!


Grilled Addiction caters all types of events!

*Corporate lunches, dinners and large parties

*Weddings – Rehearsal Dinners – Showers

GA Favorite...Pulled Pork and Coleslaw Sandwich*Private parties, Cocktail Parties, Tailgating and Special Events!

*Special menus – Hot Dogs to Caviar! Signature Dish...Lollipop Lamb Chops!

If you are interested in booking the Grilled Addiction Food Truck for your event or want to have us to cater your next party, give us a call or send us an email.


We will bring our Chef driven, Restaurant on Wheels to you!

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