About UsCartwrights Sonoran Ranch House

Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House is more than a restaurant; it is a means for honoring the legacy of the settlers of the American Southwest. Not only do we take great pride in our food, drinks and service, we also aim to preserve Arizona’s heritage by sharing the stories of our property’s past. We fuse Southwestern ingredients, top-notch beef and game meats, and the best quality seafood we can find, and present them in a warm, welcoming atmosphere rich in Arizona lore. Please read our History page for details on how our property has evolved through the ages.

We also invite you to visit our sister property, Tonto Bar & Grill in Cave Creek, a rustic yet upscale establishment specializing in steak and seafood.

Cave Creek CartwrightsOur Team

Co-owner Eric Flatt grew up on a small ranch in Colorado and stays true to his roots by serving local ingredients, buying from ranchers and creating a warm, rustic atmosphere for Cartwright’s guests. Eric has an extensive resume working for five-star resorts, hotels and restaurants in San Francisco and Colorado, where he was a chef and managed the AT&T golf tournament, U.S. Open, Concours d’Elegance and many more world-class events. He stays ahead of the curve in food trends by going backward in time, using local desert harvests and all-natural and organic products.

Co-owner John Malcolm heads up the front of the house by personally greeting guests and remembering specific details of their preferences. John works closely with the servers, hostess and bartenders to ensure each guest has an exceptional experience. He has been in the hospitality business his whole life and brings a wealth of knowledge from five-star hotels, private clubs and several restaurants. John graduated from the California Culinary Academy and has a solid background in all aspects of the business, including food, wine and service.

Banquet/Event Coordinator and Wedding Specialist Amanda Malcolm handles special events small and large, using her expertise in planning and presentation to deliver top-quality service. She has a degree in hospitality management from Northern Arizona University and is a level one certified sommelier.

Executive Chef Brett Vibber has been an avid study of worldwide cuisine, including at distinguished restaurants like Roka Akor in Scottsdale and Chicago, Dove Mountain Grill in Marana, VU in Marina del Rey, California and over 20 restaurants abroad, including Rome and Spoleto, Italy and Panama City, Panama. Returning to the Valley of the Sun brings him full-circle and allows him to infuse his wide lens of flavors and methods into Cartwright’salready impressive menu.

Pastry Chef Amanda Crick was named a “Rising Star Chef” by Phoenix Magazine January 2009 and is proud to offer all of Cartwright’s hand-rolled breads and iconic desserts made from scratch daily. Amanda changes the dessert menu seasonally to reflect the local fruits and unique ingredients. Her desserts are not to be missed (or to be shared).

Operations Manager Smith is in full command of all operations. He is the “go-to guy” in any situation. If it’s a Friday night and the restaurant needs lighting for a suddenly scheduled special event, Smitty is on it. Smith has come up through the ranks of the kitchen and even served as chef for several years. His knowledge of all departments comes in handy on a daily basis.

Cartwrights Taste of Cave Creek


Cartwright’s elevates cowboy cuisine to a whole new level, thoughtfully melding the essence of the original ranch with modern comfort and class. Cartwright’ssignature brand of Modern Ranch Cuisine blends the flavors of a rich combined heritage from across the Great American West, all captured and reflected in a unique style that creates a true dining experience.

Wrangled by a simplistic style, notable Chef Brett Vibber instills the most important aspects of great-tasting food while paying tribute to the roots of the American West. Cartwright’s signature Modern Ranch Cuisine melds fresh, sustainable meats and vegetables with heirloom spices, chili peppers, beans, molasses and delectable sauces, creating the base flavors of the West.


  • The Front Porch Platter
    Cheese & Wild Game Charcuterie, Duck rillettes, venison salumi, Berkshire & wild boar summer sausage, Cowgirl Creamery bleu, red chili pecorino, fig & jalapeño jam, and onion baguette 11 per guest
  • Red chili elk balls: Ground elk, pork, crushed corn tortillas, braised in red chili cream, Cotija queso 12.
  • Appaloosa Bean Hummus and Mesquite-Grilled Pita:
    Tomatillo-green chili marmalade; pickled Spanish onions, fire-roasted chilies; chicos and pinion nuts 12.5
  • Lump crab & corn cakes: Soda cracker crusted, orange-coriander aioli, bread & butter pickles 14
  • Crackling cornmeal calamari, tossed with candied chilies and smoked chili aioli 9.5
  • Smoked ancho & roasted corn salsa, tomatillo lime salsa, green chili mashed guacamole, corn & flour chips 10.5
  • Grilled & chilled shrimp cocktail, Sonoran spiced cocktail sauce & grilled lemon 13.
  • Six-shooter of freshly shucked seasonal oysters, cilantro lime mignonette, fresh horseradish & Arizona citrus 18

Homemade Soups Cup 5. / Bowl 7.

    • Smoked Tomato Bisque: Arizona basil oil, serrano cream, smoked Asiago and epazote croûton

    • Sonoran Tortilla Soup: Chicken rajas, Cotija queso, avocado salsa & tortilla frizzles

Appetizer 9  or Entree size with choice of below protein,
no protein 14.

  • Heirloom tomato, breakfast radish, arugula, burrata cheese, wildflower honey vinaigrette & spiced pumpkin seeds
  • Ranch House Salad: Mixed greens, fresh peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, spiced pumpkin seeds & white balsamic vinaigrette
  • Turquoise Salad: Arizona field greens, artichokes, grilled asparagus, green goddess dressing, local pinion nuts, avocado, crispy spinach tortilla, roasted peppers
  • Roasted Beet Trio, Napa cabbage, baby gem lettuce,green apple, golden raisins, prickly pear pistachio vinaigrette, Fossil Creek goat cheese
  • Crunchy Club: Romaine & Napa cabbage, bacon,  avocado, tomato, cucumber, deviled egg, creamy bleu cheese-ranch dressing
  • Caesar’s Garden: Romaine, grilled olive croutons, Spanish manchego cheese, Queen Creek olives, pepperoncini, oven dried & marinated tomatoes, preserved lemon and garlic vinaigrette
    • Choice of protein:
          • Chicken 16
          • Shrimp 17
          • Beef tips 18
          • Calamari 16
          • Salmon 17
          • Scallops 19

Sandwiches & Such

    • Sonoran Sopes
      Crispy fresh masa filled with: Charred tomato salsa, napa cabbage slaw, serrano crema, queso cotija
      Choice of Protein:
      – All-natural Chicken 14  – Pork Carnitas 14
      – Mahi Mahi 15              – Beef Tenderloin Tips 17
    • Rough rider bison buffalo, elk & Anasazi bean chili, Jack cheese corn casserole, ancho chili crema, red onion marmalade 16.

The below are served with choice of: Fries or House Salad

  • Smoked Brisket on Rye
    Prickly pear-guajillo BBQ sauce, caramelized sweet onions, house
    smoked white cheddar, molasses mayo, southwest shashlik 13
  • Baja Chicken Sandwich
    Mesquite flour baguette, adobo braised chicken, manchego cheese,
    pickled carrot, Spanish onion, jalapeño, roasted garlic aioli & avocado 14
  • Ranch Burgers:
    Choice of 8 oz. Patty:
    All-natural corn-fed 13.5
    – or –
    Organic Elk-Bison Buffalo 15.
    – Choice of Cheese: White Cheddar or Pepper Jack
    – Complemented with: Lettuce, tomato, pickle planks, caramelized onions, sweet potato bun
    – Extras, 1./each: Fresh roasted green chili, roasted jalapeño, smoky Gorgonzola, bacon, avocado, guacamole, mushrooms or crispy tobacco onions


  • Beef Tenderloin Stroganoff: Wide egg noodles, fried potatoes, skillet mushrooms, pickles and caraway sour cream sauce 20.5
  • Quail stuffed with pork chorizo: Arizona red lime glaze, macaroni & smoked Gouda cheese, wilted arugula 24
  • Pierogies: Stuffed with potato & farmer’s cheese, Polish kielbasa, caramelized onions, house-made kraut, brown butter 17.5
  • House-Made Herbed Potato Ravioli
    Grilled asparagus, roasted corn, green chilies and tomatillo-lime salsa
    and charred heirloom tomato 18.5

Mesquite Wood-Grilled Steaks

  • 12-oz Cowboy rib eye: Puebla mole demi glace, Anaheim chili & potato relleno, mesquite grilled & chilled calabacitas salad 36
  • 8-oz filet:Smoked Gorgonzola & leek fondue, herbed potato & corn ravioli, roasted spaghetti squash with honey vinegar onions 36
  • 10-oz NY steak: red chili & hibiscus flower butter, tobacco onions, manchego cheese scalloped potatoes and Brussels sprouts 34.
  • Ranch house special trio of tenderloin medallions: 3 oz. of each tenderloin, beef, elk and bison buffalo, cracked pepper whiskey demi, 5-mushroom risotto, sautéed asparagus, pine nuts & young heirloom tomatoes 42
  • 6 oz Buffalo Tenderloin: Bacon & apricot marmalade,
    smoked garlic marble potatoes, and Swiss chard 45
  • 6 oz Elk Tenderloin: Bacon & apricot marmalade,
    smoked garlic marble potatoes, and Swiss chard 42
  • Additional Accompaniments:
    Grilled scallop, each 5; Grilled Mexican white shrimp, each 3
    Au Poivre: 5-Peppercorn crusted, grilled with a whiskey peppercorn demi sauce 4

Ranch House Specialties

  • Fresh Mt. Lassen Rainbow Trout: Crushed Marcona almond butter, fennel, grilled lemon, and sun-dried apricot quinoa 27.
  • Salmon Filet: Local Squash and desert bean cassoulet, roasted corn and tomatillo marmalade, red pepper and piquillo pepper reduction 28
  • Red Chili-Dusted Scallops: Grilled chayote, corn and chorizo cakes, prickly pear aioli, avocado salsa, Arizona chicos, pomegranate seed 34
  • Mexican Diablo Prawns: Sonoran spice marinade,
    Hayden Mill’s soft grits, tomatillo salsa verde, sofrito peppers 28
  • Braised over the coals: Mulato chili & molasses-lacquered pork shoulder, cowboy beans, cipollini onions, green apple and pork cracklings 24.