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Taste of Cave Creek

Market your 2015 / 2016 Advertisement on The Taste of Cave Creek Web Site

Completing this form will Market your existing web site until next years Taste of Cave Creek starts, extend your web presence and help promote everyone in the Taste of Cave Creek.

It will do this by:

  • Running Keyword Ad's For Your Business on both Google and Bing for 1, 2, or 3 weeks.

  • Post 5 Paid Ad's on Facebook For Your Business (either your facebook page or web site) from the Taste of Cave Creek Web site.

We are donating our time to put up the Ad's so that 100% of the money you spend goes to advertising! 

We highly recommend completing all 5 steps as these additional marketing features are offered at COST and will boost the presence of your current business site, this Taste of Cave Creek listing and the entire Taste of Cave Creek Event.

If you have any challenges completing this form, contact Tech 4 Life Computers & Web Sites at (480) 488-0773 or via www.techfourlife.com.

Thank you for your efforts to make this a FANTASTIC Taste of Cave Creek 2015!



Each week of ad's will feature your business with a link to your page on the Taste of Cave Creek Site. If you do not provide keywords, we will use your business name and keywords related to your business in the ad. Each Ad will be budgeted at $7.00 per day for Google and Bing until the Ad funding runs out.


We will create a logo ad on Facebook inviting people to your Facebook page from the Taste of Cave Creek. It will run until the $100.00 runs out.